1824  -  The Municipality of the Town and Fort of Melaka was  established by the East   India Company for the purpose of town planning, public order and collection of assessment rates.

1848  -  Under the East India Act IV, provision for the establishment of Municipal Committees for the United Settlement (include Penang and Singapore).

1856  -  Under the East India Act XXVII, the Municipal Commissions were constituted into corporations with perpetual succession.

1888  -  The administrative boundary was delineated as the present town are 4.2 sq. mile.

1 -  The Local Authority Election Ordinance came into effect and provided for partial election in the Melaka Municipal Council.

1-  The Local Government Act 171 supersede the Local Authority Election Ordinance  whereby all the Councillors of the Municipal Council are being appointed by the State Government.

1977  -  The administrative boundary of the Town and Fort of Melaka was restructured to combine the Municipal Council and the Central Melaka Rural District Council. Hence the administrative area was extended from 4.2 sq. mile to 117 sq. mile (303 sq. km.) and known as the Central Melaka Municipal Council. [ Warta - 406 bertarikh 18 Disember 1980 ]

1987  -  The Central Melaka Municipal Council was renamed Melaka Municipal Council. [ Warta No.573 bertarikh 17 Disember 1987 ]

1989  -  On the 15 April, the Federal Government granted the Historic City status to Melaka and henceforth the Melaka Municipal Council is known as The Melaka Municipal Council – The Historic City of Malaysia.[ Warta No.M.P.U.26 bertarikh 14 September 1989 ]

1-  On the 15 April, the Federal Government granted the City status to the Melaka   Municipal Council, and now known as The Melaka Historic City Council. [ Warta-M.P.U. 183 bertarikh 1 Jun 2003 ]

2007 – Listed as The World Heritage City by World Heritage Council, UNESSCO.

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