Landscape Proposal Plan

1. 4 copies of landscape proposal plan (3 coloured copies and 1 linen copy) must be submitted.

2. The Landscape Proposal Plan must be coloured as follows:-  

  Main trees, palms, shrubs   Green or any appropriate colour
  Open areas, surau areas, community halls and road shoulders   Green
  Roads, backstreet and alleys   Yellow
  Rivers, oxidation ponds, drains and water sources   Blue
  Children's playgrounds   Brown
  Substations   Red
  Location Plans   Pink

3. Scale for a site plan is 1:350, 1:250 or anything equivalent.

4. Submitted plans must be signed by the landlord, developer and certified consultant (Landscape Architect).

5. A phased proposal plan must be attached together with a landscape master plan and the presentation of the plan in general has to be perfect.

Trees Specifications

1. Planting Distance:

  Planting Distance
  Main trees   9 metres (30 feets)
  Palm trees   5 metres (15 feets)
  Shrubs   150 mm - 230 mm - (6 feets - 9 feets)

(The planting distance provided is the maximum distance for main trees and palm trees).

2. Height, trunk diameter and clear trunk  

 Main trees
  Height   2 metres - 2.5 metres (6 feets - 8 feets)
  Trunk Diameter   2.5 mm - 4 mm (1 feet - 1 1/2 feets)


 Palm trees
  Height   3 metres - 3.5 metres (10 feets - 12 feets)
  Clear Trunk   300 mm (12 feets)


 High Shrubs
  Height   450 mm (18 feets)
  Polybag Size   230 mm x 230 mm (10 feets x 10 feets)


 Low Shrubs
  Height   230 mm - 300 mm (9 feets - 12 feets)
  Polybag Size   153 mm x 231 mm (6 feets x 9 feets)

* The above specifications are of the minimum standard.

3. Grass Planting

For open areas and children’s playgrounds, grass from the species Axonopus compressus with 90% purity must be planted. Close turfing is encouraged, however if spot turfing is done the area has to be entirely covered when a CF spot-check is conducted.

For surau areas, community halls and road shoulders, the grass planting is also done using Axonopus compressus grass with 70% purity, following the same procedure as above.

Trees That Are Not Allowed To Be Planted

Below are the examples of prohibited trees to be planted in HMCC landscape :-

 Local Names
  Pterocarpus indicus
  Terminalia catappa
  Cerberra odallum
  Hura criptans
  Payong Indonesia

(Hura criptans are allowed but with assurance from the developer to take out the thorns on the tree trunk).

Children's Playground Equipment

Children’s playgrounds equipments that are intended to be supplied and assembled must be of the integrated type. They need to have safety features, high durability and approved by agencies such as SIRIM or granted the ISO 9002 Certificate. Basic elements that need to be supplied are as follows :-

  1 unit of integrated structure (including a slide)
  1 unit of swing (double seater)
  2 units of spring items (single seater)
  1 unit of see-saw

Request for playgrounds have to be submitted along with the Proposal Plan (4 copies) which are verified by developers or negotiators.

Plan Amendment and Alteration

 1. The Department Of City Beautification on behalf of the Historical Malacca City Council has the right to amend any proposal plans submitted according to suitability and size of the project. This is to ensure that submitted proposal plans are made following landscape planning handled by this department. 

2. Plan alteration caused by the applicant’s needs to be followed by a new application.

3. Applications that have exceeded two (2) years need to be resubmitted.

Suggested List of Trees

Mainroad Fringes

  Botanical Name   Local Name
  Swietenia macrophylla   Mahagoni
  Alstonia angustiloba   Pulai Tree
  Eugenia grandis   Sea Apple
  Mimusops elengi   Spanish Cherry
  Eugenia polyantha   Indian Bay-Leaf
  Hopea odorata   Merawan Siput Jantan / Thingan / Net
  Melia excelsa   Marrango Tree
  Spathodea campanulata   Fountain Tree / Flame-Of-The-Forest
  Melaleuca leucodendron   Cajaput
  Eucalyptus deglupta   White Tea Tree
  Khaya senegalensis   African Mahagony
  Gustavia superba   Sachamongo / Paco
  Dryobalanops aromatica   Kapor
  Melia indica   Neem / Margosa
  Tamarindus indica   Tamarind
  Saraca thaipingensis   Yellow Saraca
  Sterculia foetic   Wild Indian Almond

Open Areas

Planted by cluster (Planting Displacement - 5 metres / 15 feets).  

 Botanical Name
  Local Name
  Samanea saman
  Peltophorum pterocarpum
  Delonix regia
  Eugenia grandis
  Adenanthera pavonina
  Batai Laut
  Jambu Laut

Surau / Community Hall and Stall (Perimeter)  

 Botanical Name
  Local Name
 Cocos nucifera (Yellow Dwarf)
 Areca catechu
 Veitchia merillii
 Neodypsis decaryi
 Phoenix reclinata
 Roystonea regia
 Roystonea oleraceae
 Archontophoenix alexandrae
 Livistonia rotundifolia
 Livistonia chinensis
 Bentinkia nicobarica
 Chrysalidocarpus madagascarensis
 Wodyetia bifursata
  Kelapa Gading
  Pinang Kampung
  Palma Manila
  Palma Segitiga
  Pinang Raja
  Palma Raja
  Palma Iskandar
  Palma Kipas
  Palma Kipas Cina
  Palma Bentinkia
  Palma Madagascar
  Palma Wodyetia

Trees for housing area roadside

1) Main Trees

  Botanical Name
  Local Name
 1. Baohinia blakeana
  2. Cinnamomun iners
  3. Casuarina nobile
  4. Dalbergia oliveri
  5. Erythrina variegata
  6. Erythrina glauca
  7. Ficus benjamina
  8. Filicium decipiens
  9. Gardenia carinata
  10.Jacaranda filicifolia
  11.Lagerstromia floribunda
  12.Lagerstromia flos reginae
  13.Melia indica
  14.Mesua ferrea
  15.Michelia alba
  16.Michelia champaca
  17.Mimusops elengi
  18.Podocarpus bolustachys
  19.Salix babylonica
  20.Tamarindus indica
  21.Tabebuia spectabilis
  Tapak Kuda
  Kayu Manis
  Tamalan Tree
  Dedap Batik
  Kiara Payung
  Cempaka Hutan
  Jambul Merak
  Bungor Kedah
  Penaga Lilin
  Cempaka Putih
  Cempaka Kuning
  Kayu Cina
  Janda Merana
  Asam Jawa


2) Palm Trees

(Refer item 3) Sanitation tank and TNB Sub-Station,

 Botanical Name
  Local Name
  1. Ixora javanica
  2. Bafia nitida
  3. Hibiscus rosa sinensis
  4. Acalypha wilkesiana
  5. Rhaphis excelsa
  6. Ficus macrophylla
  Bunga Raya
  Ara Emas

 For shopping lot landscape proposal plant box measuring 1 metre x 1 metre must be made available planted with the following trees :- 

 Botanical Name
 Local Name
  1. Veitchia merillii
  2. Areca catechu
  3. Roystonia regia
  4. Lain-lain seperti perkara 3
  Palma Manila
  Pinang Kampung
  Palma Raja

**Palm cluster palms is not recommended.

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