Melaka Tropical Fruit Farm

A truly modern, commercialized and exciting concept, the Melaka Tropical Fruit Farm is located in Sungai Udang on 65 acres of land. The farm provide visitors an opportunity to experience nature up close and the same time catering to family outing. Facilitate with all sport and a recreational facility, MTFF also offers kayaking, fishing, a mini zoo and accommodations. ‘Melaka Malay Sultanate' which led to merchant world-over to come to trade and commerce and which incredibly led Portuguese historian Tomes Pires to name the state as 'Venice Of The East'.

However, today Melaka River to large extent serves only as rich reminder of its glorious and bountiful past and of its present development. And what better way to find out than to take a river boat cruise in order to trace its history and check out the quaint and scenic beauty.

Ticket price: RM10.00 / RM5.00
Operating hours: 9.00am - 12.00pm