Sunset Cruise - Experience the view of sun letting through the horizon via our seafarer jetty by cruising to Upeh Island which is the hawksbill turtle sanctuary and origins of the late rite, Melaka river mouth where the large armada of Cheng Ho once anchored and visit the Masjid Selat the one and only floating mosque in Malacca. And back to seafarer jetty via the coastal view and enjoy dinner at our seafarer jetty restaurant.

Nite Cruise - View the scenic coast with thousand brightness of light from our seafarer Jetty along the city of Malacca accompany by million stars to the river mouth & floating mosque. And relax while meals being serve at seafarer jetty.

Island Hopping - The adventures trip begin from our seafarer jetty to the furthers island of Pulau Undan light house passing by the famous Pulau Besar via the others island surrounding the bussiest malacca straits to the coastal area with pack lunch served.

Last Updated: Friday, 24 September 2021 - 3:27pm