Compound Review Online
  This system is used to allow users to check the traffic compound
Advertising Vacancies Tender / Quotation
  List of advertising tenders and quotations issued by MBMB.
E-Complaint System Melaka
  Complaint system that allows the public to lodge complaints and reviews online.
Advertising Job Vacancies on MBMB
  List of job vacancies in MBMB issued by MBMB.
Estimated Tax Payments Online In Real MBMB
  The system allows users to pay on-line assessment.
Estimated Tax Account Review
  The system for reviewing the tax assessment, statement printing and print assessment tax bill.
License Review Online
  The system for checking on-line license.
e-Building Control
  It allows users to make application for approval of buildings and building approval certificate of fitness.
Online License Application  
  The system allows users to apply for a license on-line.  
Downloadable Forms
  Users can download the form online.
OSC Online  
  Is a platform and ePemprosesan ePenyerahan full use of electronics.  
Price Watch (ministry) (KPDNKK)  
  Price Watch is the current information from the Ministry of Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumer Affairs (the ministry). This information allows users to evaluate a list of prices of fresh products, fast moving items and control items.  
Last Updated: Friday, 24 September 2021 - 3:27pm