Temporary Advertisement Permit

Advertisement Approval

Advertisement licenses for banners, buntings and balloons are issued on a temporary basis. The maximum display period permitted for the advertisement is 30 days (1 month). An extension to this time period is permitted once the application from the licensee has been reviewed and the advertisement to be displayed is replaced or is still in good condition.

Procedures to Apply for Temporary Advertisement License

Applicants are required to complete the application form and submit the actual advertisement which is suitable for
The Licensing Officer will approve the application once all of the copywriting conditions are complied to.
Once the applicant makes payment, the advertisement will be given a sticker / stamp indicating that it is approved.


Payment Rate

The payment rates are as follows :

Payment Process RM 5
Payment Sticker RM 5
Licence Rate (RM 5 for an additional 1 meter square) RM 25
Uninstall charge (each banner) RM 10 each
RM 15 each sized 9 metres square - 15 metres square
RM 20 each sized 16 metres square - 25 metres square
RM 100 each sized over 25 metres square & hung at higher places

Rates shown depends on number and type of advertisements displayed

General Rules 

  1. The Council will remove banners that are placed at prohibited areas, unfastened, unlicensed and expired.
  2. Licence holders are fully responsible in ensuring that advertisements are displayed at legal areas, secured neatly at all times and removed after their validity period has expired.
  3. Advertisements that display alcoholic drinks are only allowed to be hung at premises that have been approved by the District Office.
  4. Applications for temporary advertisement licence will not be entertained for premises of which that premise business licence is not approved by MBMB.
  5. Completed applications will be processed in one day.
  6. The deposit will be forfeited if the plane wall advertisement is removed by the Council due to the licence holder's failure to remove it.
  7. Advertisement deposit can only be claimed after the plane wall advertisement is removed by the licence holder by submitting the original receipt and a copy of the applicant's identity card.


If you encounter any problems, please contact:

Melaka Historic City Council,
Graha Makmur,
No.1, Jalan Tun Abdul Razak - Ayer Keroh,
Hang Tuah Jaya, 75450
Tel : 06-285 9799 Fax : 06-231 2584

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